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Jun 14, 2023

Here's Why Road Trips Are Back on the Rise

Travel trends for summer 2023.

While the chaos and panic surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic have subsided in many ways, we continue to carry its lingering effects, especially when choosing if, and how, we travel. But travel is back on the rise, and the Great American Road Trip has never been more popular.

In fact, The Vacationer’s 2023 Summer Travel Survey concludes that nearly 85% of all American adults intend to travel this summer, and only 23% intend to travel internationally. With large numbers of Americans traveling domestically, many plan to embrace the environment around them. When asked if they plan to take a road trip this summer, 40% of adults responded that they intend to, staying within 250 miles of home.

It's clear families have gotten used to local travel, finding it easier, more convenient and often cheaper than booking a cross-country flight or international vacation. Aside from routine, what else is drawing travelers to the open road?

Here’s Why Road Trips Are Back on the Rise

Control Over Cleanliness

One plus of road tripping is not having to spend time disinfecting your seating area or wearing a mask throughout the entire journey. You get to enjoy the peace of mind that comes from not worrying about other peoples’ germs. And you can forget about those cramped public airplane and train toilets. When you travel on Adventure Road, you can always count on Chickasaw Travel Stops to provide some of the cleanest restrooms out there.

You Set the Schedule

The open road is the epitome of freedom. No one tells you when to start your trip or when to return home. Where you go and when you get there is entirely up to you, allowing space to add or remove destinations from your itinerary as you see fit. When driving is your form of transportation, you get immersed in your surroundings in a way not possible by planes, trains and cruise ships. Pass a restaurant that piques your interest? Try it! Find a cool museum last-minute? There’s all the time in the world. You won’t find this kind of flexibility in your vacation anywhere but on a road trip.

Avoid Crowded Areas

You can say “goodbye” to jam-packed airport terminals, kids kicking your seat and cramped leg space when you’re on a road trip. Many got accustomed to a more solitary way of living during the pandemic, and it’s your prerogative to keep it that way as long as you like. This even extends into the destinations you visit. Not feeling up for being around other people at a museum or event? Opt for a getaway to the great outdoors, where you can soak up natural beauty with no distractions.

RVs Offer Comforts of Home

Travel by RV is having its moment, likely due to the ability to have nearly every amenity of home available. RVs eliminate the worry surrounding cleaning and disinfecting protocols of hotels, cleanliness of the restrooms and showers at campsites and cost of dining out at restaurants. Most state parks have electricity and water hook-ups easily accessible, so you have everything you could possibly need to keep comfortable during the entire trip, whether a day trip or weeklong getaway. Plus, it’s a great way to meet a community of fellow adventurers if you’re feeling social. RVing has become so popular, in fact, it can sometimes be difficult to find a rental! Be sure to start looking well in advance of your trip.

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