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Jun 20, 2022

Your Guide to a Successful Summer Road Trip

Easy steps to make the most of your time and money.

Many Americans are taking to the open road for summer vacation in 2022, a resounding testament to how freeing this classic way of travel can be with a little thoughtful preparation. In a recent report by The Vacationer, nearly 80% of Americans say they will take some sort of road trip this summer. While we certainly welcome the privilege to explore with little to no restrictions again, there are a few things to consider and prepare for in advance to ensure you’re getting the most from your trip. Here’s your checklist for summer 2022 on Adventure Road!

Lake Texoma State Park

Lake Texoma State Park


Outline Your Budget

Whether you use one of our ready-made Adventures or map out one of your own, visit the websites of each location and take note of admission prices and any additional costs you foresee being a part of your visit. Giving yourself a tentative idea of costs for lodging, dining out, add-ons and shopping will prevent any after-the-fact shock.

We know gas prices are fighting hard for a top spot on everyone’s summer travel budget. With that in mind, there are a plethora of worthwhile experiences to have without traveling far, and we’re happy to help find them! Each destination on Adventure Road features nearby attractions to help plan a well-rounded trip with little travel costs.

Nail Down Your End Destination

We would never suggest going straight from Point A to Point B, but an end destination is clearly an integral part of any road trip’s success. Whether you set your sights on hubs for entertainment and outdoor recreation like OKC, Sulphur, Ardmore, Tishomingo or Thackerville, you can always fill in the spaces with side stops and overnight stays as you go along. How much time you have available to travel will factor into your decision. Would you rather spend a couple extra hours in the car or use that time for activities closer to home? The choice is all yours.

Arriving at The Artesian Hotel

Arriving at The Artesian Hotel.


Plan for Flexibility

While you’re sorting out necessary logistics, make sure not to over plan your road trip. It’s vacation after all and no one likes a schedule too rigid! Build in time both during the drive and upon arrival for unexpected ventures that present themselves in their own time. Having time to keep an open mind and leisurely wander is the secret to a freeing, stressless adventure.

Reserve Hotels and Campgrounds Now

Summer is peak season for Oklahoma’s lakes and state parks. Don’t miss your opportunity to stay at Adventure Road-approved hotels, lodges and campsites during your travel window by booking them right away. The sooner you reserve your spot, the better your options.

This time two years ago we were daydreaming about leaving the house.

Camping and water activities at the Lake of the Arbuckles

Camping and water activities at the Lake of the Arbuckles.


Don’t Sleep In (More Than Once)

For those who aren’t inherently early risers on a day off, our advice is to give yourself no more than one morning to oversleep. The rest of your days are best served soaking in the morning light, enjoying a local coffee and the beautiful surroundings you don’t see every day. It’s your getaway, and you can sleep if you want to, but seizing every moment you’ve taken off work is key to a fulfilling road trip.

Eat Strictly Local

Gourmet meals, on-the-go-sandwiches, BBQ, burgers, Mexican, French, light and decadent – there’s something for every refined palate and picky eater along Adventure Road. Do yourself a favor and lean into the local favorites and unique flavors offered in the area you’re visiting. Ditch the chain restaurants you can have any day, your adventure should extend to what’s on your plate, too.

Dining at Empire Slice House in the Plaza District.

Dining at Empire Slice House in the Plaza District.


Download Travel Apps Beforehand

When it comes to weather forecasts, finding quality campgrounds and hiking trails, navigating traffic and deciding what to pack – there are apps for that! Don’t wait until you need them, download ahead of time to skip the hassle. Driving on the open road is for road trip games and blasting your favorite playlist, not franticly searching for that app you heard about with your cellular data.

Hopefully this checklist helps you along your way to a fun-filled summer of exploration! Do you have any go-to tips that help make traveling easier? Let us know in the comments below!

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